Uber self driving cars 


Uber self driving cars It looks like not only Google or Alphabet if you prefer has an ambition for making self driving cars. Uber has built an artificial city in Pittsburgh to train and test its self driving cars Future is close! Check for more here. More news from JacobSays here.

Audiobooks from Audible 


Audiobooks from Audible Audiobooks? I have noticed lately my library started taking a lot of space. On my desk as well! It is obvious it is time to go digital… I bet it is a bit of a surprise for you – I had a few ebook readers and use Kindle app a lot, but […]

Samsung Galaxy S8 released! 


Samsung Galaxy S8 released! After long time waiting here they are. Samsung galaxy S8 and S8+. We cant wait to put our hands on it. It is beautiful piece of kit, we have to admit. CNet says: The Good The best-looking phone around crushes it in performance, battery life, water-resistance and wireless charging. An external […]

How to edit PDF file on a macbook 


How to edit PDF file on a macbook PDF file cannot be edited? On a mac it is very simple. I got this idea into my head lately trying to fill in some form. Basically you open PDF file in a Preview, click on a little suitcase on a top bar which allows you to […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 

Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Samsung announced the Galaxy Tab S3 at its Mobile World Congress 2017 press conference, but you can’t buy it just yet. We are very excited and certainly looking forward to get one in our hands! What we are most excited about is: 6000mAh battery with fast charging high resolution 9.7″ screen […]

Dual screen Yotaphone 


Dual screen Yotaphone Earlier this week we discovered Yotaphone – dual screen smartphone. Excellent idea giving you decent specs and e-ink second display for book lovers. Device comes with quite big battery of 2500mAh and what manufacturer claims around 2 days of battery life. 10% of battery in safe mode should give 8h of usage. […]