Slimware – update your computer’s drivers for free 


Slimware – great tool to update your computer’s drivers for free Slimware – have you been struggling with drivers installation? You have no clue where to download the right ones for your laptop or computer? There is a solution: Slimware provides clients with great tool. And it is incredibly easy to use: – download DriverUpdate […]

New banana Nokia phone 

nokia banana

New banana Nokia phone Do you remember old fashion phones? Like slide down phones? No touchscreen, no email, no Facebook? Sounds like Middle Ages 🙂 Still good few people miss them a lot! No worries. Nokia is going to release slide phone. Looks great! Unlike the 3310, the 8110 will ship with LTE support across […]

YouTube Downloader 

YouTube downloader

YouTube Downloader Have you been looking for a way to save your favourite YouTube videos for later to watch them offline? Do you want to entertain your children while driving and do not have WiFi access? This is the solution – Free YouTube Downloader. It is very easy to use – just download and run […]

SumUp – how to take payments 


SumUp – how to take payments SumUp – some time ago I discovered a brilliant way to take payments from clients. You go on SumUp website and create an account. After that you order little rechargeable terminal. You connect it with your smartphone or a tablet in your place.You download SumUp application to your smartphone […]

Audiobooks from Audible 


Audiobooks from Audible Audiobooks? I have noticed lately my library started taking a lot of space. On my desk as well! It is obvious it is time to go digital… I bet it is a bit of a surprise for you – I had a few ebook readers and use Kindle app a lot, but […]

Samsung Galaxy S8 released! 


Samsung Galaxy S8 released! After long time waiting here they are. Samsung galaxy S8 and S8+. We cant wait to put our hands on it. It is beautiful piece of kit, we have to admit. CNet says: The Good The best-looking phone around crushes it in performance, battery life, water-resistance and wireless charging. An external […]